Why United?

Physical Security & Loss Prevention

With our physical security and loss prevention services, absolutely nothing enters – or leaves – our facility without a precise record of when it arrived, where it sat, who touched it, and when it left. And you can be sure that when it leaves it will be in exactly the same condition as when it arrived.


  • Security fencing for 24/7 access control
  • Video surveillance at security gate with security guards on duty or key-code access 24/7
  • Restricted warehouse entry via alarmed doors. Access available only with electronic security ID badge
  • Video monitoring with digital real-time viewing and recording on all warehouse doors and storage areas
  • Cross-check and confirmation of personal identification and load IDs for carriers and drivers on every load
  • Trailers secured and doors sealed appropriately following loading
  • Cycle counts are routinely and relentlessly integrated into our process to discourage pilferage


Rigorous fire safety and prevention policies are in force, regularly reviewed, audited and relentlessly upheld:

  • All buildings designed and constructed of fire-retardant materials
  • ESFR high-output automated fire suppression system throughout
  • Frequent and documented employee fire safety and fire extinguisher training
  • Frequent fire inspections and regular fire equipment maintenance and testing
  • Strict policies and procedures with documentation to segregate, isolate, and control flammables, aerosols, and hazardous materials
Video surveillance

United is equipped with 24/hour video surveillance monitoring everything coming in and going out, along with noise-activated alarms, and motion sensors.

Controlled access

Only professionally-trained and qualified United employees that are issued a security key card will have access to your products. We know who handles each item and when it is moved within our walls.

Terrorism resistant

United fully complies with all of the rigid security standards outlined in the Bio-Terrorism Act, the Office of Homeland Security and C-TPAT. We have taken every step to ensure that our warehouses are exceptionally well-protected.

Special precautions for food safety

We diligently exceed safety standards set by ASI Food Safety, the American Institute of Baking, and other industry and regulatory agencies. We proudly post related awards and Certificates of Excellence in our offices.

Shipment security

Nothing is more important than load security, making sure that only authorized persons and carriers are able to leave with your valuable product. With United, count on the safest and most efficient transfer of goods between our warehouse and your customer’s door. Our processes exceed IWLA standards (http://www.iwla.com/). We always check a driver’s ID, license plate and require a load ID to verify the correct shipment for each driver and vehicle. We require strict appointments to pick up a load, ensuring rapid truck turnaround and precise shipping.

Physical inventory accountability

United’s Warehouse Management System (WMS), Synapse® by Zethcon, is designed to drive rigorous barcode scanning processes that ensure that every time product is touched or moved that the item, the quantity, the location, the purpose, the operator, and the time, are all verified and recorded in the system. Discrepancies and errors are instantly captured, trapped and corrected, ensuring that inventory is always accurate, orders are always correct, and errors are not allowed to propagate. United Warehouse employees are especially thorough, by routinely conducting cycle counts to relentlessly ensure continuous accuracy.

Employee screening

We perform complete pre-employment criminal background checks on every prospective United employee in order to identify and prevent potential security issues. Pre-employment and post-employment drug testing are also used to ensure that each United team member is competent and fit to perform the duties required.