Why United?

Physical Inventory Services

Inventory accuracy is critical to the smooth and efficient operation of the supply chain. Synapse by Zethcon, is the leading Warehouse Management System (WMS) that has been custom-developed for the 3PL warehousing industry. It is designed to reliably track inventory in multi-client warehouses and to provide warehouse customers several different ways to monitor and correct inventory when necessary.

Physical Inventories, taken from time to time, are the most comprehensive and thorough method to ensure the accuracy of the customer’s inventory. However, because physical inventories require the complete shut-down of shipping, receiving, and order-processing activities during the conduct and reconciliation of the count, they can be a major disruption to the flow of product through the supply chain. For this reason, they are generally performed infrequently.

Cycle counting is an efficient and manageable method of ensuring ongoing inventory accuracy and reliability. Our warehouse management system can be configured to automatically generate a count schedule based on a number of different criteria to accommodate specific customer needs.

  • Value-based periodic cycle counts
  • SKU Velocity cycle counts
  • Other interval-based cycle counts

In addition to the above planned inventory management processes, our warehouse management system provides the United Warehouse technical team with real-time tools to proactively identify potential inventory issues and initiate timely investigations to resolve any discrepancies.

Rest assured, regardless of the specific criteria or method chosen, United Warehouse will professionally design and implement an inventory management process to make sure that your inventory is always accurate, always reliable, and always available.