Why United?

Information Management Services


United utilizes the industry’s most powerful and flexible logistics information system and information management services. With our Synapse® Warehouse Management System (WMS), we plan and precisely execute the movement of all pallets and products. Real-time web visibility means our customers can check in on their inventory and order status 24 hours a day. Our in-house team of support professionals can configure a supply chain information structure to fit every unique inventory and reporting requirement.

Every product within our expansive warehouse is tracked continuously. We always know what’s in stock, how much is there, the condition and age of the inventory, and exactly where it is.

Barcode Scanning / Order Tracking
From the time we receive your product until it is shipped, our advanced scanning technology seamlessly tracks your products for you throughout the entire distribution process. Whether or not your supply chain incorporates barcodes, you have a visible line of reliable communication with just a click. Or with a quick phone call to our customer support team, we can quickly and easily locate your items for you.
Audit Trail, Trace and Recall
We capture and store every piece of information on every item at every step throughout the distribution process. Your information history is virtually infinite which means that we can provide reports very rapidly for any of your audit, trace, or recall needs.
Proprietary Inventory Accountability
The United Warehouse inventory management system designed for your products is unique to you. Each design takes into account a multitude of proprietary variables such as product value, seasonal cycles, throughput, picking unit of measure (UOM), cycle count criteria, storage and access requirements, and storage location.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Processing information electronically, rather than manually, between systems means faster communications and processes, lower costs with fewer errors, and happier customers (your customers). We can handle many electronic information formats from full-blown standard EDI documents to custom-designed electronic templates and proprietary communication methods. It’s as simple as interfacing between the buyer’s and supplier’s information systems.
Invoice Accuracy
Because our WMS tracks every move of your product from the time it’s received to the time it’s shipped, we can automatically track all of the costs associated with handling and storing your product. Automated billing means that your invoices are accurate, reliable, and completely auditable to confirm that all charges have been applied appropriately.