Why United?

Corrective Action

Customer-specific processes are designed and developed not only to ensure prompt, reliable, and consistent performance, but also to anticipate and prevent potential issues. Nevertheless, when things don’t go as planned, despite everyone’s best efforts, it is critical that processes exist (corrective action processes) to identify these failures quickly and immediately move to correct them and to prevent a recurrence.

The United Warehouse Corrective Action System is an online, real-time tool we use to capture process failures or breakdowns, whether they are identified through our internal operations or reported to us by a customer. Our system automatically notifies top management and responsible operations management via email of each and every report made…..instantly, ensuring that resources are available to take immediate action to mitigate any adverse consequences of a service failure. Information included in these notifications is:

  • A full description of the incident, the persons involved, the time of the incident, the conditions surrounding the incident, and any damage or safety risk incurred, and
  • The immediate actions taken to remediate any damage or to correct the condition causing the incident.

The Quality Assurance Manager receives each and every report made to the system. He is specifically charged with analyzing the data over time to identify any trends that require further corrective action or process improvment. Some of the activities included in the corrective action process are:

  • A full review of the customer process documents to determine whether the documented processes remain relevant or need to be updated, and
  • Designated persons and tasks to be accomplished in the future and dates for a follow-up review.

All corrective actions are reviewed with executive management regularly. Closed corrective actions, and the metrics to support their closure, are reviewed as well as the status of any open corrective actions at the time of the meeting.

At United Warehouse Company, we take customer complaints and service failures very seriously and continuously work to prevent recurrences.