Why United?

Warehousing Facility Audits

Formal and informal inspections throughout our facilities are a regular and ongoing part of our riqorous quality and performance assurance programs. Our facilities are regularly audited by our customers and even, on occasion, by their customers. United Warehouse is always ready to demonstrate the results achieved through our high standards and rigid adherence to process, and welcome the opportunity to do so. A brief description of some of these activities is found below.

Self audits
  • Regular internal audits are performed pursuant to our ISO program.
  • Documented facility GMP audits are conducted Monthly.
  • Customer Feedback and trend analysis are used to identify potential areas for improvement.
Third-party audits
  • Audited by American Institute of Baking, (AIB) to the Consolidated Standards for Food Distribution Centers.
  • Annual Third party ISO surveillance audits performed by NQA-USA.
Customer audits
  • We are routinely audited by many of our customers, and even by their customers.
  • Our facilities are always available for our customer’s inspection.
Other Facility Audits

United Warehouse understands the critical nature of loss prevention, and employs industry leading Security and Fire Safety technology to protect our customer’s product.

It is not unusual for our facilities to be audited for insurance purposes by existing, as well as prospective, customers. Our facilities are always available for such inspections and we will do our very best to accommodate your particular audit and inspection requirements.