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Warehouse Management & Inventory Control

Carrying your own inventory requires substantial capital, space and manpower. Instead, take advantage of United’s century-long experience in warehouse and inventory management. With United, meet your customers’ delivery expectations and minimize carrying costs. From receiving to shipping, United’s end-to-end inventory management is a seamless fit into your company’s supply chain.

If control is a concern, always know that United maintains accuracy and reliability by effectively merging advanced technology with tried and proven disciplined processes. For each client, we’ll establish a set of policies and procedures, auditable and integrated within your existing proprietary distribution structure.

United tracks every SKU and pallet using our SYNAPSE Warehouse Management System. With real-time visibility you have instant access to up to the minute inventory information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Keep drivers on schedule and product flow streamlined with our extensive experience in the most efficient dock door management systems. As a result of the large daily volumes of freight passing through United, rapid receiving and quick turnarounds have become second-nature routines.

Finally, our reputation for flawless on-time shipping is pristine. Whether one or several hundred destinations, by combining our precise warehouse inventory management with a devout dedication to outbound accuracy, United is a model of shipment timeliness and accuracy.