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Scalable Supply Chain Management


Increasing your market share, expanding your product line, diversifying your customer base, or decentralizing your outbound supply chain. It’s all part of the velocity of business and it’s meant to generate one thing – profitable growth.

Applying a century’s worth of experience, we thoroughly assess each situation, consider all current and future needs, then design logistics solutions to grow and adapt. Whether redesigning a distribution channel or flawlessly supplementing an existing structure, scaling to every fluctuation in demand or shift in strategy is a core competency at United.

Every service and support process is applied with a passion for precision.

  • Systems ensuring inventory visibility and accuracy
  • Cross-dock services
  • E-commerce and online inventory management
  • Quality inspection and product packaging services
  • Fulfillment and multi-product assembly
  • Local delivery and shuttle services and reliable yard spotting services
  • Homeland security and bioterrorism protection provided by digital cameras, electronic beams and audio recording devices
  • Sanitary, well-lit facilities that conform to rigid food safety standards

Regardless of your path to growth, United stands ready. We represent all phases of the logistics infrastructure with smart, responsive, and proactive scalable supply chain management solutions.