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Special Packaging Projects

United is widely known for its flexibility and adaptability. We’re passionate about meeting manufacturers’ unique warehousing and distribution challenges. So enhancing our superior 3PL services, United embraces custom projects, unique inventory and shipping needs, and specialized IT requirements.

Case Study:
When a Belgian aircraft supplier who warehoused their product at United discovered that a particular part they had manufactured was faulty, it became clear that a thorough, technical inspection would be required to identify and replace any remaining faulty parts. It was going to be costly and time-consuming for the company’s owners to return the product to Belgium for their engineers to remedy the situation. Time was of the essence and their credibility with their customer was at stake. Could they solve the problem quickly so that their customer’s supply of reliable parts would not be disrupted? United proposed a solution: we created a space for their engineers to come to our warehouse for both the inspections and the reworking of the faulty parts. Without the wasted time of returning parts to their European plant, they were able to quickly identify unaffected parts and make them available to the customer immediately. The repairs that they were able to perform here onsite quickly corrected the remaining faulty parts with no disruption in supply to their customer. . Consequently, the company saved significant time and money. Their customer was absolutely pleased with the results and their ability to respond smartly in a crisis.