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Compliance & Safety

All aspects of transportation safety and security in logistics are never negotiable. After all, you are trusting us with the lifeblood of your business. We make sure it’s absolutely secure. Period.

While many companies meet the minimum requirements for safety and security, we set our standards high – consistently measuring ourselves by the best guidelines in the industry.

  • In the interest of maintaining environmentally friendly standards, reducing our overall carbon footprint, and improving our operational efficiency, UWC Transportation is a registered, certified, active partner in the SmartWay® initiative of the Environmental Protection Agency. We are working together with the EPA to help reduce transportation-related emissions by adapting greener technologies. Smartway certificateOur fleet of new, fuel-efficient tractors is lighter with full aerodynamics. Our Transportation Management technology tracks a host of efficiency-related metrics, including idle time and fuel mileage, to help spot areas for improvement and reduce our footprint.
    Being good custodians of our environment is good for business.
  • Whether over-the-road or short-haul, UWC Transportation drivers exhibit a heightened passion for precision and maintain an exceptional level of professionalism. Knowing the safety regulations and standards isn’t where we set the bar. We test and re-test to ensure they are consistently applying the most stringent and best practices in commercial transportation. To ensure load security on every shipment large or small, all loads are inspected and sealed prior to departure. All deliveries are held to a strict schedule that is monitored and updated regularly to minimize risk. Loads are never left unattended.
    • Never take it for granted that your transportation provider is adequately covered. UWC Transportation carries complete coverage, including commercial auto liability, physical damage, motor truck cargo coverage, bobtail coverage, OCC/ACC insurance, and non-owned trailer coverage. And we are adaptable to our customers’ standard requirements. Click here for UWC Transportation Liability Insurance Certificates.
    • Without fail, UWC Transportation maintains the highest Motor Carrier Safety Rating. Our commitment is that our operations and drivers will always exceed FMCSA compliance requirements.