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Scalable Logistics Solutions


How many times a day, week or month does making the right decision depend upon accurate tracking information? The new normal in logistics is complexity aided by heavy doses of adaptability and flexibility. Which is why manufacturers and distributors are partnering with the most experienced, technologically advanced and solutions-driven 3PL’s.

End-to-end support, tracking, solutions. United delivers scalable logistics solutions and visibility via the industry’s most advanced logistics information system. Through our Synapse Warehouse Management System (WMS), we plan and precisely execute the movement of all pallets and products. Our customers can track and check in on their inventory and our operations 24 hours a day.

IT support. Online and real-time visibility is only as good as the dependability of the technology. United’s in-house IT support team is comprised of technical experts with program-level knowledge of our systems. They will configure a supply chain structure to fit every unique warehousing, distribution, inventory and reporting requirement. All of your information is handled with the utmost sensitivity ensuring safe and confidential retention. Electronic files are authenticated, authorized and encrypted. Your data is stored internally and never distributed to anyone other than you.

Fulfillment to special projects. United provides unsurpassed value when it comes to meeting unanticipated challenges. Whether your project is big or small, United will provide a customized solution tailored to your company. Our systems and processes are in place to perform these time-sensitive services, and more:

  • Order fulfillments
  • Contract packing
  • Just-in-time shipments
  • Special projects large and small