You Can’t Put A Number On Some Things


You Can’t Put A Number On Some Things

Centennial news article

This year, United celebrates a big number: 100 years in business. But one thing we can’t put into numbers is the value that each of our employees, past and present, has brought to our company over those years.

In any business or industry, it’s the people behind the product or service that make the difference. The unique and talented individuals that have had a hand in shaping what United is today are the reason we’ve reached this milestone, and we wanted to show our appreciation in a big way.

We kicked off the first of three centennial celebrations in Monroe, Ohio, with the unveiling of our recent re-branding efforts: a new logo, website, videos and more.

And while the physical look of our brand may have changed, it continues to stand for the single truth that never will: we are in this business to help our customers do business. We’re celebrating 100 years because of the people who make amazing things happen every single day. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

United We Stand.